About Deborah Mason

Gidday everyone…

Thank you for visiting my business site, it is wonderful to have an opportunity to get to know you all better.  But before that can happen, you probably need to know a little bit more about me.


Deb MasonObviously, you are aware of what my name is as my name is in the domain name for the site.  My (mother given) first name is actually Deborah, but I am normally called Deb by most of the people who know me.

(With the exception of my mother who still calls me Debbie, and one or two public sector bureaucrats I have come across with in the past that have insisted on using my full name…)

This site is my end game.  I have spent the last 36 years concentrating on helping and guiding my children as they grew into well-rounded adults that any parent would be proud of.

My career choices, decisions about where to live, and what to do with any spare time or money I have were made only after considering which option would be the best or most appropriate for my family.

I chose to stay in the southern suburbs of Adelaide when my marriage dissolved so that the children could be close to their father and his family.  I went to a local university for the same reason and chose to forgo better courses at more prestigious universities.  I choose a career as an Accountant and in the public sector because that career path provided a good solid income, had clear upward mobility, it allowed me the flexibility to be available when my kids needed me, and when I was successful in gaining permanency, it was very secure.

But not especially satisfying, or challenging.   I started with a Ordinary Bachelors Degree in Commerce and work in Corporate Reporting.

Then I moved within the same Agency into an operational area and became involved in costing, developing standard operating procedures and creating activity based management system to help public sector business units to compete against private sector companies in a round of competitive tenders.

Next came an Honours Degree and stints in and out of the public sector.  Each job was either a new position created to address a new initiative (Competitive Tendering, Business Process Re-engineering, User Pays, Competitive Neutrality, GST Implementation, Output Based Management, Activity Based Funding, and the list goes on), or one that involved me learning new skills.

In between I successfully completed the CPA program, and had CPA status for over 10 years.  Next came more study.  I spent three years working on my Masters as the Masters Student attached to an International Bench-marking Study being undertaken by the research team in Cardiff responsible for earlier well known studies of the Toyota System (lean production).

Exciting times…

I spent a lot of time talking business improvement, lean production, continuous improvement, team working, production methods and organisational learning with world renowned experts in those fields, and I was not only keeping up, but I sometimes even managed to get them thinking in new ways!

Although I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it at the time, I had found one of my passions.  Well, more than one really.

  • I love learning new things and sharing what I am learning helps me to gain an even greater understanding of the topic.
  • I love being able to take a good look at a task, process, or system and work out how to make it work better, faster. I can make most business processes more effective and more efficient.

And I am really, really good at both of them.  So I can fix just about anything and I can teach the improved processes/methods to just about anyone.

So it is over ten years since I completed that degree, and a lot has happened.  I have lost a brother and my father in less than ideal circumstances, and my mother is recovering from a scary brush with cancer.  My children have grown and moved away from home and although I am very proud of all of them, I do miss their presence in my day to day life.

Working for a public sector agency is certainly safe but it does nothing to keep my mind active.   I need to actively pursue my Ikigai – my reason for being – and seek out people that I can help, processes that need improvement, and active communities characterised by thought provoking discussion and mutual respect.

Do you know any people like that?  If you do –please do send them my way–

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