My First Blog Post…

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Welcome to the Blog section of my site.  In this section you will find regular blog posts on topics related to the training and development packages offered on this site.

  • If you are a small business owner looking for information about how to improve your business processes so that you can take a step back from the day to day, this is the place for you.
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  • Or you think hypnotherapy might work for you, but you still have a few questions, you might find the answers here

Why the picture?  Just because…

broken fence in country WA - a random photo for my first blog post

This is a photo I took of an odd fence post I saw while driving through the Wheatbelt in WA.  You can’t see it very well in this photo but the post was actually all the way out of the ground.  The debris on the wires were holding it in place in mid air, giving it the appearance that it was just hanging there.

Cool huh?

I did a lot of driving while I was in WA.  Working for St John Ambulance (WA) Inc. as an Assistant Regional Manager, the main part of my job was to travel to country towns within the Wheatbelt to visit their Ambulance Sub-Centres to provide support and training for Country Ambulance Volunteers.

Country WA is incredibly beautiful in a really raw kind of way, it was incredible how many times I drove around a corner to have my breath absolutely taken away by the view!