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If you want a bit of a laugh, click on the play button and watch my Intro video!  First attempt, stretching the boundaries, and will probably not last very long as I am planning to re-shoot and upload a replacement when I get better with the equipment.  With professional coaching, you too can learn where your boundaries are and join me in stretching them to breaking point.

But this will give you a glimpse into the raw me, so enjoy!

For most of us these days, our work is a very significant part of who we are and what we are here to do.  Sometimes, decisions we made years ago can impact on the course of our careers.  For many of us either the wrong path was taken, or the path lost its appeal as we grew.  Women in particular, are often in careers that do not suit them as well as they might hope because they made their early career choices based on the needs of others rather than their own desires.

When you are doing the work that will allow you to reach your full potential, you will feel empowered and passionate about what you do.  You will be energised and excited  about your work.  The days will fly by and you will feel that what you do is important, and that you are making a difference.

Your needs for achievement, recognition and challenge in your work will be met and you will be compensated more than adequately for what you do.  Sounds great right?

If you are approaching your middle years and find yourself in a job or a business that does not do any of that for you (maybe you dread Monday mornings and your work days drag), the good news is that it is not too late.  It is never too late!

You can change direction and create the life that you want, and I can help…

I offer a range of services that have been designed to help my clients to get “unstuck” and to work out what their next steps career- or business-wise should be.

Women Going it Alone in Business

One of my client groups consists of women who are running their own businesses.  Many of them started their businesses from home when their kids were quite young, hoping that it would provide some much need flexibility as they juggled the competing demands on their time.

Now after a few years (or sometimes only months) they are stuck, working in their businesses rather than on them.  They find themselves working very long hours, often after everyone else in their households have gone to bed, and can’t seem to find a way to step out or away from their business with everything grinding to  halt.

stressed and tired - what female business owners often look like!

Often, the demands of the business on their time, their lives and their energy is (quite frankly) not worth the pay-off.  They don’t have the flexibility that they dreamed of, the money is tied to their direct productive activity and they are often buried in tasks that need to be done but they either intensely dislike or don’t think that they are very good at.  (Bookkeeping springs to mind as the perfect example here…)

Although these women do get a small sense of satisfaction from operating their own business, and they do cling to a (sometimes false) sense of being in control of their destiny, they know something has to change.  But the are just not sure what that something is or how to do it.

And that is where I come in.  I can lead these women through a process of taking a good long look at what their business is, what the purpose of their business is and who their customer base is.

I help them compare the reality to the plan (if there is one…) and to identify where the issues that are causing her distress actually are within the business.

And then we start working on strategies and plans to fix it!

Where at all possible we change as much of the business process so that she does the right thing (targeted to the needs/wants of her customer base), does it right the first time (introduces quality management and skill development for employees) and only needs to do it once (automate where-ever possible).

Disillusioned Mid-Career Professionals

The other major client group consist of what I call disillusioned professionals.  These men and women (okay mostly women – sorry guys) who have spent the last ten years or so working their way up the corporate ladder.

Most are quite well educated in their respective fields, many with post graduate qualifications.  They also work long hours and have risen to positions of middle or senior management with their firms or organisations.  In most cases, they have either already achieved the goals they set for their careers when they started out.  Some are almost there.  And all are beginning to realise that the goals they set way back when are not all that satisfying.

Yes, the pay is good.  They have responsibilities and are usually well respected by their peers and sub-ordinates, but it is all leaving them a bit flat.  So they ask themselves, “Is this it, is there nothing more?”

Yet others  have found that it was difficult to actually like the person they needed to be in order to continue the climb to the top.  Many women, myself included, find that they need to be better than their male counterparts to get ahead, and to be ruthless and hard (or to be seen to be that way at least).

Sometimes, even when you win you lose…

Especially when you have studied and worked your you know what off to get where you thought you wanted to be, only to find that it is not a pleasant place.  Long hours, hard work, and often no or very little respect from the people you work with or for.  And the real kicker, more often than not what they end up doing all day long has very little meaning to them.

So they too (just like their counterparts who are running their own businesses), find that they need something to change.  But what?

My role with these clients is to help them identify the “what” and support them as they plan and take action towards achieving/gaining their “what”.

Do either of those situations seem familiar to you?

Personally I can relate to both of them, as I have spent time climbing the corporate ladder and I have run a couple of micro businesses on the side.

My climb up the corporate ladder was admittedly not planned per se. I entered the public sector as a graduate and it kind of just happened.  I advanced through the levels of the Admin stream (from the graduate level to the top) in little over 5 years.  Didn’t enjoy it at the top at all and I didn’t like the person I needed to be to fit in at that level.  I am not an autocrat and definitely not a bureaucrat.  I show, teach, lead rather that direct and more often than not the way I was required to treat the people who worked with and for me clashed with my personal values and beliefs.

Not comfortable at all!  If your integrity is compromised by your career, it is time to seriously consider other options.

As for operating a small business, it is hard.  Yup, you read it right.  Operating a small business, particularly for solo-preneurs, is hard.  And even more so if you didn’t spend a lot of time designing/planning your business before you opened the doors.  If the structure is not right, or the processes are a bit ad-hoc, and you are on your own with no-one to bounce your ideas and plans off, it is going to be hard.

But before you succumb to despair…

Never Fear, Deb Mason is Here!

(Always wanted to say that – don’t trip on my cape on your way into my office!)

Because, you know what?  It is my reason for being is to help you to identify your reason for being and to either:

  • sculpt and improve your business to the point where you can escape the daily grind and actually start having all the fun you thought you would have when you started out in business!
  • or work out what you should be doing instead of what you are doing now and develop a plan of action to transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

Some of My Story

I have been looking for my reason for being for years (probably decades really).  And during that search I did find out a few interesting things.

For example, I found out that I am really smart (really, really smart actually), independent, organised, logical but highly creative, intuitive and somewhat (okay if I am being honest, extremely) introverted.

The results of the psychological testing I have done (IQ, Personality, Attitude, etc.) indicate that I am highly complex and somewhat contradictory.  I have the ability/capability to do virtually anything, and I am also really good at most things that I do. (Not bragging – just describing me as I actually am…)

The subject matter of all the reading/learning/investigating I have engaged in have allowed me to learn something new, and not always just the learnings the author intended!  I love learning and I firmly believe that we as soon as we stop learning we die, and I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for that yet!

So I spend my days learning as much as I can and I want to share the knowledge I am amassing with you. Because (in my opinion), there is absolutely no point to gaining knowledge is you do not share it!

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